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The Working Method of Disney Vacation Club

Disney had 157 million visitors since 2018, and if you are one of them, you might want to know more about the Disney vacation club, which is a timeshare for Disney that was started in the early 90s at eh Walt Disney World in Florida with only one resort, the Old Key West resort, when it began but has grown to a total of 14 Disney Vacation Club resorts with 10 of them in Florida.

To a DVC member, DVC can be viewed as a timeshare that can be considered as part of a real estate, which is points-based where you buy points, restocked every year without a limit on how much points you have and they represent the ownership interest you have on the resorts but the cost per point varies depending on the choice of your resort.

Being a DVC member gives you a chance to receive annual passes for only members, conducted on and off the property, and receive huge discounts with the specific benefits being that you enjoy a 10-20% discount on restaurants, receive a 10% discount on the Disney merchandise you purchase, enjoy going to Imagination Pavilion lounge for members only, enjoy tickets, discounts, and excursions on tours and visit the Top of the World Lounge.

To determine whether a Disney membership is a good fit for you, you need to look at the advantages and disadvantages of signing up to the club keeping in mind the maintenance annual fees put in place to help improve the resort and you can also rent out points, which is what you do when you need to use a villa room at a qualifying resort for one time and this is beneficial because you get to experience what you are buying before you actually buy plus you can also rent out your points if you do not anticipate using them for that year, which is a great way to earn your money back from the membership.

Becoming a member of the DVC is a great offer for the people who would not have a problem paying for the membership and the subsequent fees because any person would be interested in visiting a resort every two years but the purchase of membership directly from Disney is only available for the newest resorts and you would have to purchase from another person if you want a membership from an existing member through Direct resale, which should be high enough to prevent Disney from buying the membership back.

You can book for the resort from home 11 months ahead of time for the home resorts but only 7 months ahead if it is a non-home resort and during the peak season, it is better to book for the home resort.

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