Woman Livestreams Her Boyfriend’s DEATH On Facebook Seconds After He Is Shot By Cop…She Asks…

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#1 Philando Castile

One of the most disturbing videos ever shot. Livestream on facebook, it is by Lavish Reynolds, Philando’s girlfriend and mother of his daughter, who is sitting in the back. She caught this unimaginable moment when her boyfriend is dying after being shot. It happens seconds after they are told by police to pull over because of a busted tail light, and, when Castile is asked to show his license, as he puts his hand in his pocket to get it, the police officer shoots him four times.

#2 In Cold Blood

She explains it all while it is happening. Their four-year-old is there too. She turns the camera and shows her bleeding boyfriend losing conciousness, and you can see the officer pointing the gun into the car.

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