Why A Woman Will Never Truly Believe She Is Beautiful

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There’s a huge difference between accepting something and believing something. While maturity and practice make women better at accepting compliments, very few of us actually believe them.

Women, for many unknown reasons, will believe almost any negative comment you say about them, but never anything positive.

Maybe it’s from years of being told the sun shines out of our ass from men just trying to get into our pants, or maybe it’s from the ridiculous amount of beauty standards the media places on us, but we’ve developed a compliment repellent armor, and it’s been deflecting them for years.

Why is it one bad comment will remain with a woman for the rest of her life, yet a million good ones will go in one ear and out the other? Why is it we always remember the bad and never the good?

As Carrie Bradshaw brilliantly stated, “Why is it we only believe the negative things people say about us?”

I think it boils down to a major insecurity complex ingrained within the female mentality, to the insatiable need to be completely and utterly perfect while simultaneously knowing we never will be.

So when we get a compliment, we assume it must be a lie. How can I be beautiful? I have cellulite. My thighs touch. My nose is bent. My ears are too big. I can’t be beautiful, I’m not perfect.

When we’re exposed to airbrushed models and celebrity “It Girls” with nothing but time and money to eat organic, work out and pay for plastic surgery, we hold ourselves up to that impossible standard.

We are told they are beautiful, they are perfect, and we’re the second-rate version, the imperfect second-best.

In order to change this damaging mentality and inability to receive a compliment, we must locate the root of the problem. Why is it, exactly, women never believe they’re beautiful?

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