TYGA DID IT!! Tyga Reportedly LEAKED A S*xtape… With Him And Kylie… On His WEBSITE!!…

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#1 Kylie Is Freaking Out After Tyga Posted her S*x Tape

Tyga has just done something crazy. He posted a s*x tape of him and his ex Kylie Jenner on his own personal website. It was up for about 30 minutes before it was taken down. But many people are claiming to have downloaded the video in the mere half an hour it was online. Kylie Jenner is freaking out- she doesn’t want anyone to see this tape. She’s only 18, and this is not the kind of fame she had in mind…

#2 One Twitter User Has The Tape Downloaded

Moments after the s*x tape was taken down, at least one Twitter user claimed to have downloaded the tape. Is he for real? Does he really have it? Or is he just trying to scam people? Who knows.

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