Two Cops Were Having Lunch At Chili When A Girl Approached And Gave Them A Mysterious Note.

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There are some jobs that go under-appreciated and unnoticed, especially when they’re being done right. This can be everything from what our moms and dads do to, say, the cleaning staff at your office.

Recently, however, Officer Rance Quinn of the Kansas City Police Department felt that no one had any idea just how hard he and his colleagues worked to keep their city safe. That is, until just a few weeks ago, when Rance and Captain George Sims stopped for a meal at Chili’s…and got the biggest surprise of their life.

Officer Quinn and Captain Sims were in the middle of lunch when a teenage girl unexpectedly approached their booth.


She stopped just long enough to place a folded-up napkin on their table, and then ran off before they could say anything.


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