This Kid Was Forced To Wear Closed Jelly Shoes And The Rest Will Make You Cry!

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#3 A Present For Her Second Birthday

‘I think they should be taken off sale before any more children get hurt. She’s not been able to put any shoes on since. Niall was able to wash her feet and put on a plaster but they’re still incredibly sore. It’s only her right foot that is affected strangely.
‘The sandals are made from a jelly material so I don’t know if that’s what’s caused the problem. The worst cut is just under her ankle bone. I’m really disappointed because I do all my clothes shopping at Next, but I don’t think they should be selling these at all.
‘Other parents saw my pictures and messaged me to say they had similar problems. I hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else.’

#4 The Manufacturer’s Response

‘We are terribly sorry for the distress caused and we are taking this matter very seriously.
‘We’ve asked for this pair of shoes to be returned so we can carry out a detailed inspection of this shoe, since this is the first complaint of this nature that we’ve received.

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