This Boy Sees Something Weird On His Knee And What His Mom Pulls Out Was Bizarre

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Where there are kids, wounds and injuries are considered quiet common. So when a kid gets bruised his mom knows very well how to deal with it.

But if proper first aid is not provided to the kid on time, his wound can gradually transform into something nasty and huge.

That’s what happened with a Californian mother named Rachael. She was freaking shocked when saw something oozing out from the wound of his 7-year-old son.

Scroll down to know what it was…

A Small Cut On The Knee…

It started with a small cut on the knee of the Rachael’s son Paul. After few first aid and medication at home when things didn’t seem recovering, Rachael took her son to the doctor.


Doctor wasn’t able to recognize what it was!

Doctor thought it was staph infection and gave him some antibiotic but there was no sign of recovery. Above that he strictly asked her to not to touch the wound.


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