They Were Shocked When She Gave Birth To 3 Black Children, But Not For The Reason You Think.

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#1 Rachel And Aaron

Devout Christian couple Aaron and Rachel Halbert decided to adopt children for their family after having trouble conceiving their own. Realizing that adopting children is “logical outcome of being pro-life,” the two decided to not adopt caucasian children, as they are always chosen first at adoption agencies.

#2 A Beautiful Family

Aaron was raised in a Honduras missionary, and says he was a “blue-eyed, cotton-topped white kid who stuck out like a sore thumb.” The couple first adopted two african american children, and were immediately completely in love with them. ‘The beauty of a multi-ethnic family is found there, in the fact that the differences are the very thing that make ours richer and fuller. It forces you to think in a new way about the way you think, speak, act and live,” Aaron said.

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