These Real-Life Paranormal Encounter Stories Are Scary as Hell

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#1 Louie

“I was about 9 years old when I was walking down some stairs in my aunts house where they have a mirror hanging on a wall at the end of the stairs so you could see behind you as you walk down. Well I saw my cousin behind me so I turned around & yelled ‘Louie’ but he disappeared so I ran back up the stairs looking for him in every room. I couldn’t find him so I run downstairs & ask my aunt if she’s seen him & she got mad & told me it wasn’t funny & then she finally realized that I wasn’t lying that I saw him & she broke into tears wanting to know everything he said. Later I found out he passed away recently & no one told me yet so I freaked out especially because I spent the night in his old room. His dog ‘wrinkles’ still barks at his chair as if someone is sitting there.” – Sharon J.

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