The Difference Between Wanting To Be With Someone And ‘The One’

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There’s an old adage that sums up the dynamic of the “right” romantic relationship in just six little words. I’ve read it in self-help books, and I’ve heard it from wise friends. I’ve sung along to it in romantic songs, and I’ve smiled — then sighed — at it in dramatic movies. I’ve lived my whole life by it, and I’ve put every ounce of faith I have in its power:

When you know, you just know.

Life is a truly beautiful thing. We fall in love with different people in different rhythms. Our first loves open our hearts in ways we didn’t know they could open.

Once they’ve opened, they break, and we skeptically but surely sew them back up. When the time is right, we fall in love again — only this time around, we love in a way that’s just as intense, but perhaps a bit smarter.

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