The 14 Things You Need On Your Résumé To Land Your Dream Job

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Whether you’ve got a freshly printed diploma, one that’s collecting dust in a closet or you’ve strayed away from the path of formal education, having a strong résumé is a vital asset in today’s economy.

While it’s crucial that a résumé should highlight the specific talents and achievements of an individual, there are universal rules that, if followed, will increase your chances of landing an interview for your dream job.

A study performed by TheLadders in 2012 using “eye tracking” technology revealed that recruiters spend an average of only six seconds reviewing a résumé before determining if the candidate is a match.

While many job seekers possess the attributes and experience required for their ideal jobs, they are often overlooked because the most desired information is not effectively presented on the page.

Elite Daily has acquired a professionally written résumé from The Write Future, a professional résumé writing service that is tailored for Millennials and young professionals, to display the key components of a strong résumé.

1. Header with all necessary contact info.

The joke about people losing points on the SAT for misspelling their own names also applies to résumés. It’s surprising how many job seekers add wrong contact information or no information at all.

A proper header should include your name, one phone number, email address, home address, and, if available, the URL to your active LinkedIn page or professional online profile. Note: You will be “Googled” regardless.

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