She Was DRAGGED Online For Her CROOKED Teeth…But Wait Until You See What She Looks Like NOW!!

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A guest who appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show and received online abuse because of her rotting teeth has returned to the programme to reveal her brand new set. Gemma Swift from Crawley, U.K. appeared on the talk show last year for a segment entitled: “Stop Harassing Me Just Because I’m Sleeping With Your Ex.” Even though she was on the show for a completely different reason thousands of social media users commented on her teeth. Gemma then received masses of online abuse from viewers over her appearance.


After being viciously trolled online, Gemma now has the last laugh as the talk show paid a whopping £10,000 for her to transform her smile. Jeremy Kyle filmed the whole procedure and invited Gemma back on the show again for the grand unveiling. She was also filmed in her house and spoke about the backlash over her appearance saying: “Twitter had a meltdown because of the way I looked. I broke down, I cried my eyes out.” Gemma also revealed that she damaged her teeth following an accident at the age of six while she was walking to school – leaving her teeth badly damaged.

Gemma went on to say that she was bullied because of her teeth, saying: “I left school when I was nearly fifteen because people were making fun of me…”

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