She Left A Note To The Person Stealing Her Coffee Creamer At Work. When You Read It? Unreal…

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Everyone knows that terrible feeling of opening up the fridge at work, where you’d carefully labeled your lunch with a post-it note, only to find it was already eaten. Who would do such a thing?

What one woman decided to do about her work-place thief, however, went above-and-beyond the call of duty. In fact, it was something that I’d bet whoever was stealing her stuff would never, ever forget.

One woman on Reddit had discovered that her coffee creamer at work was being used by someone else. She’d left notes with her name on it, and still, it was being used up by a mysterious thief.


So, she decided to write a post-it note that would get to the bottom of the thievery. And just how did she go about doing that? Why, telling the truth, of course…


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