Rare Photos From INSIDE A Brothel. Shocking.

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#3 Trust

How did you gain access to the brothel? Was it as simple as just walking in?
I spent four weeks from January to February 2016 in Bangladesh. At the beginning, it was difficult to get access to the women and customers. I was there with a translator and a local photographer. The first week, I didn’t take photographs, I just walked around and talked with them. Taking intimate photographs was possible after they trusted me. Some customers didn’t want to be in the photographs, especially those with a rich family. But other customers didn’t care at all about it.

#4 Taking Portraits

Even without understanding our language (just with the help of a translator sometimes), some of the girls and me became very close. Most of the women in my photographs found me, and they asked me for photographs and selfies when I walked through the streets in the brothel. Every day I met with them, they became more open and wanted to share their experiences. Every time I tried to get in contact with a girl on my own, it was more difficult — many didn’t want to and didn’t let that mask fall. So I decided to walk through the brothel and wait until the girls spoke to me. These girls I visited regularly.

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