Nurse’s Amazing Response To Girl Saying She Can’t Do Her Job With Dyed Hair Goes Viral

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#1 Like A Rainbow

Mary Walls Penney is a nurse. She specializes in Alzheimer’s and dementia treatment, and she happens to love -and have- rainbow colored hair.
On July 9, she stopped at a convenience store with her scrubs on, and was confronted by a cashier about the color of her hair.


#2 Judged

This is what she wrote on Facebook:
‘After work I went to the store to pick up a few things. While checking out, the cashier, looked at my name tag and said, ‘So what do you do there?’ I replied, ‘I’m a nurse.’ She continued, ‘I’m surprised they let you work there like that. What do your patients think about your hair?’ She then proceeded to ask the elderly lady that was in line behind me, ‘What do you think about her hair?’ The kind older lady said, ‘Nothing against you honey, it’s just not for me.’


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