If You Can Solve This Puzzle On The First Try, You Might Really Be A Genius.

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When students learn math in school, they often ask themselves “how would I ever apply this in real life?” Sure, there are some things in calculus that you will never use when doing your taxes, but they’re still important…right?

Well, if you paid enough attention in math class instead of playing games on your TI-83+, then you just might be able to crack this seemingly impossible math equation. But be warned: countless people have attempted to conquer it, but only a few have figured it out.

Can you solve the unsolvable?



There are two ways to solve this puzzle. The first is to add each of the numbers on the left side of the equation and multiply the value by three. For example, 1+5=6, so 6*3=18. Similarly, you can look at the next row as (2+10)*3=36. By this logic, 4+24=24, therefore… 


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