He Had A Pimple In His Ear And How The Doctor Helped Him Is Bizarre

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#1 What Are Blackheads?

Blackheads are a symptom of acne, just like pimples are. Pores secret sebum. Sebum has a protective role in the skin, helping to keep it supple and hydrated. When sebum is overproduced, however, it can form plugs in the pores by clumping with epidermal cells that shed from the skin. Blackheads are open to the air; the plug turns black because the sebum becomes oxidized. Now that we know the facts, let’s take a look.

#2 Ear Blackheads

This young man had ear blackheads. This is not so common, and his mother had not succeeded in trying to remove them, so she took him to see Dr. Sandra Dee. There were quite a few, so it needed more than just pressure.

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