5 Types Of Guys You Should Date That You Usually Wouldn’t Give A Chance

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I’ve read far too many articles telling me not to date this guy or that guy. Fill in the blank with broken guy, mama’s boy, workaholic, newly single guy or the clinger. There are a million articles out there telling us why we’re not supposed to date them.

Throw all that advice out the window and follow your heart. I’m not saying disregard a guy with a history of serial cheating or abuse. Of course, use your best judgment. But know that the old idiom, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” holds true.

The truth is, we are all broken in some way. Guess what, ladies? We’re clingers, too. We’re workaholics. We’re daddy’s girls. We have issues.

We shouldn’t dismiss potentially good relationships because we think we have to be perfect or that the other person has to be perfect. Give up on perfection, and date the broken guy.

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